O’Reilly Talks About the Fake Trump Scandals

O’Reilly Talks About the Fake Trump Scandals

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During his podcast Tuesday, Bill O’Reilly took on the fake Trump scandals and the media’s role in not pursuing the truth. The goal is to wear Trump down.

But this is the scandal du jour and the strategy on the part of the anti-Trump press is wear Trump down, report so many bad things about him every single day that folks just throw up their hands and go: he’s incompetent, shouldn’t be in there. That’s the overall strategy.

Again, what they want to do and what they are doing, kind of successfully, is every day there’s a different screw up. Every day they’re going to hammer Trump. They’re never going to say, hey the housing market is on fire, Americans are feeling confident about the economy so much so that they’re buying houses at higher prices now. They’re never going to give you that. You’re never going to get that, ever. It’s going to be Trump screwed up. Trump screwed up. Trump screwed up. OK.

That is always their strategy.

The media is corrupt and O’Reilly points that out.

So we have a media in America that no longer seeks the truth, ok, doesn’t check the truth, doesn’t try to find it. And I’ve told you that before. It’s beyond a reasonable doubt. That’s what’s happening. Much of that national media that does not seek the truth does so because it’s committed to ideology.

O’Reilly took the listeners through the Washington Post story of Trump’s alleged sharing of classified information with two Russian leaders[…]

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