While Gun Sales Decrease Nationwide, Demand Rise in Chicago.

While Gun Sales Decrease Nationwide, Demand Rise in Chicago.

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The sale of firearms has taken a downward trend since the era of Barack Obama is over except in one city, i.e., the crime ridden city of Chicago.

Chicago Tribune

…While gun sales nationwide appear to have dropped from the levels they reached during the Obama years — apparently driven in part by lessened concerns under Trump that access will be restricted — changes in state laws and Chicago’s crime wave have unleashed a pent-up demand for legal gun ownership in the area.

Gun suppliers have called former President Barack Obama their best salesman, because sales were driven by the belief of impending government regulations….

In Illinois last year, officials performed about 1.9 million background checks, a big jump from 1.2 million in 2015. But the numbers dropped following the election, and are down 16 percent the first four months of this year.

Meanwhile, one subset of gun owners has grown steadily. Since Illinois became the last state to allow concealed carry licenses in 2013, the total number of licenses has risen from about 91,000 in 2014 to 220,000 last year[…]

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