Map of cyber attacks in real-time

Map of cyber attacks in real-time

With the revelation of the recent cyber attacks by Ransomware, I came across a fascinating site that has real-time demonstrations of attacks.

Both the Norse links below and the Kaspersky lab links demonstrate what we are up against every nanosecond. This was a post done a couple of years ago, and  just as mesmerizing now as then. Here we go:

Norse ‘dark intelligence’ has a ‘live’ map of global cyber attacks and Kaspersky Lab has an interactive cyber threat map, both update in real-time. Careful not to get sucked in as the amazingly hypnotic maps are serious time eaters.If you’ve ever been entranced by maps showing data in real-time, such as a lightning strike map, then it’s likely a global map with “live” cyber attacks might hold you spellbound too. Below is a screen capture. For real-time, follow the links. It is interactive, so use icons at various locations at sites.

Kaspersky Cyberthreat real-time map and Norse Attack Map are the live links.

If you are interested in viewing attacks in real-time on something other than thousands of honeypots, then Kaspersky’s interactive cyber threat map might fit the bill[…]

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