Illegal Alien Criminals Kill Freedom and Prosperity

Illegal Alien Criminals Kill Freedom and Prosperity

Immigration, legal and illegal and President Donald Trump’s immigration policies as seen through the eyes of one who came here the right way.

Canada Free Press by Douglas V. Gibbs

My wife was born in Mexico, but she does not like what she is seeing in today’s America. Her parents immigrated here in the mid-sixties. Papi told me his decision to go through the process of immigrating to the United States was so that he could give his children a better life. Mexico “is not good,” he once told me. “More chance for education and better life in America.”

He rejects the term “Mexican-American.” He would say, “If I wanted to be Mexican, I would have stayed in Mexico. I came here to be American.”

From the stories I’ve been told, the first thing he did when he came to the United States was to enroll in English language classes. He picked fruit, but worked hard to improve himself, eventually becoming a welder, and he enjoyed a long career as a welder until retiring a few years ago[…]

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