One-Liners From the Front, 2011-2016 by Vassar Bushmills

One-Liners From the Front, 2011-2016 by Vassar Bushmills

Donald Trump

Most of the things said about Donald Trump are not really about Donald Trump, but about something else.

I can list a hundred negative things to say about Trump, only to find many of them not to be substantiated by fact, and the misstatements of fact I’m finding are often sourced back to the Left. Ironic isn’t it that much of conservatism’s attack-facts on Trump are scripted from the Left?


Erick Erickson seems to have found it profitable to make his peace with Hillary. I wonder if he’s cut the same deal with God?

Doctrine of Liberty

The Doctrine of Liberty is the original Republican banner. Some one needs to preserve it.

Democrat Convention, 2016

Day 1: This must have been sheer misery for the media to have to report this at least half-honestly. Left vs Way Left. Bandits vs totalitarians. A-students vs B-students bickering about what to do about the C-students. A reminder to those 872 genuine Democrats in the country, who actually love the Party and the D, that 99% is made of up of alliances who largely hate one another. By weeks end I expect to see trannies dragging lezzies around the floor by their butch hair. Whatta sight!

A Day of Infamy and Shame. A felon is nominated for president of the United States. Oh, by the way, she’s a woman, too.

Mitt Romney only found out this week (July 30, 2016) just how detestable Hillary is to the voters. I don’t think he’d recognize true Evil if it bit him on the ass, a moral weakness which he obviously conveyed to voters in 2012.

L’Etat c’est Moi, the Rise of a Genuine Royal Class in America

Race and the Democrat Plantation

Mommas, Don’t Let Your Sons Grow up to be Hoodies

Nullification and the Convention of States

The Last word on Nullification is that there is Never a Last Word

Neil Stevens, at, back in the day when readers were still allowed to comment negatively on the received wisdom of its editors, used to arrogate the notion that the issue of secession had been settled with Lincoln v Davis, 1865, forgetting, or perhaps never really understanding the real meaning of Jefferson’s “declaration of secession” in 1776, one founded on very clear and unambiguous human rights, none of which can ever be taken away by any human agency.

So until a new one comes along, Continental Congress v George III still trumps Davis v Lincoln.

To say that nullification doesn’t exist is like saying robbery doesn’t exist because there is a law against it. No law can prevent me from robbing a liquor store, it can only try to catch me and punish me. But only if they can catch me[…]

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