The Natives Are Restless

The Natives Are Restless

Every spring, my mother issued a warning that went something like, “when the weather gets warm, folks blood begins to boil.” (I won’t use her exact words but I’m sure that you get the picture.)

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Ahhh, spring… the time when the urban-dwelling parasites venture out of their subsidized housing to use they food stamps at Aldi’s, go to the emergency room to get checked for STDs, and have that infection child # 6 has. Then comes time to engage in that time honored tradition, beating hell out of people for fun and profit.

Brawl Erupts at Denny’s Restaurant in Upstate New York
A video of an all-out brawl that erupted at an upstate New York Denny’s restaurant Saturday gained more than 4.5 million views on Facebook, according to a Facebook video of the incident. Police say that because of sensitive personal information regarding those involved, they would not release a report of the incident. Denny’s declined to comment on the situation.


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