America Grows More Statist Every Year! The Killing of James Madison

America Grows More Statist Every Year! The Killing of James Madison

The Founding Fathers, the Constitution authored by James Madison, the white man, are all vilified while people who have no identity here in the United States are being called Indigenous Peoples. Ronald Reagan is the enemy and Angela Davis is revered. Donald Trump won’t be asked to speak on college campuses during commencement exercises but the sociopathic killer Donna Hylton will be asked.

John Wayne is dead I’ve been told! There is a war on cowboys and our history because they  and it represent rugged individualism.

It’s no secret that the heart of our nation’s Capital is now also the seat of corruption.

It’s not only John Wayne who is dead.

This Is How the United States Becomes Venezuela

The only reason the United States isn’t Socialist or almost Socialist is because we have the lowest voter turnout of the free world. As Vermont Socialist Bernie Sanders said recently,“If we had 80 percent of the people voting in this country, the Republican Party would be a significant minority,” Sanders told the audience. “So we have got to get people involved. And you do that by being honest about the real problems they face and come up with real solutions”


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