As Fox News Sidles Left, Sinclair Broadcasting Moves In

As Fox News Sidles Left, Sinclair Broadcasting Moves In

Davis Sinclair speaking at a broadcaster’s conference is an electrical engineer.

Broadcasters you likely never heard of are possibly attempting to move in on Fox News and take some of their conservative viewership.

Fox News has potential competition from another right-leaning media network. Sinclair Broadcasting is buying up 42 of Tribune Media’s broadcast stations for nearly $4 billion dollars, raising speculation that the conglomerate is prepared to compete with Fox News for their Republican and Libertarian audience.

With Tribune’s 42 TV stations, Sinclair will cover more than 70 percent of households in the United States. It will become the largest local broadcast owner if regulators let them keep all their stations.

The deal provides Sinclair with seven of the ten biggest markets in the U.S. giving it  “unprecedented exposures to the nation’s TV viewers”.

It is believed that the Smith brothers, who own a controlling interest, will steer the coverage to the right.

Murdoch is thinking of offering his own bid for the Tribune stations to stop the Sinclair expansion. Sinclair is already paying a premium for the stations.

Sinclair is trying to broaden its reach. Last month, Sinclair hired Boris Epshteyn, a former spokesman for President Trump, as its chief political analyst and on-air commentator[…]

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