OBAMAFAIL: Cuba’s Ladies in White Claim Normalization Made Repression Worse

OBAMAFAIL: Cuba’s Ladies in White Claim Normalization Made Repression Worse

Barack Obama’ sojourn to Cuba to rub elbows with the oppressive Castro regime was a shameless farce, a chapter or two to the legacy of the malignant narcissist.

As to the fate of Cuba’s politically repressed by the Castro regime, from the frying pan into the fire is what can be said since Obama’s visit last year.

PanAm Post by Karine Martin

The Cuban opposition group Ladies in White has spoken out again about increased repression against political dissidents on the island.

In Miami, Florida this week, the group spoke about the current political situation, which they claim is worsening.

“We ask the international community to tell the Castro regime to stop repression in Cuba,” the Lady in White member Maria Elena Alpízar said.

According to the organization, the issue has intensified following cooling relations with the United States in December 2014, and President Barack Obama’s approach to opening up the island.

“We gave a report (to the Organization of American States) with all the human rights violations that have been committed against us over the past 95 Sundays,” she said, claiming there has been some form of repression every weekend[…]

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The Cuban government is out to dissolve the Ladies in White.

Meanwhile, Leticia Ramos Herreria, another member of the group, asked that the international community step up its oversight of the island.

“Look at Cuba. What is happening on the island is hard to handle,” Ramos said. “We have Ladies in White in prison, transferred to prisons in other provinces, our children are being imprisoned to weaken the movement. Unfortunately, what is happening in Cuba, is very hard….”

H/t Babalú Blog.

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