You’re On a List

You’re On a List

I have noticed for weeks that many of my posts show up late in my Twitter feed and other times, they do not show up at all.

In addition, when opening my twitter feed, I find that it’s several hours to a day behind leading me to wonder what the hell Twitter is up to.

And so, it begins, the list, the purge which is the blacklisting and suspension of non-Progressive bloggers and media aka Twitter’s Shadow Ban List.  The short of it, Twitter’s war on truth tellers.

On the list is yet another blogger with whom many are familiar:

Lady Liberty 1885 by Liberty Speaks

It’s not often you see your name in lights, and seldom can you see it in shadow -LS

Recognition should be celebrated and it’s humbling when a story you post is received in a positive manner. It’s an affirmation of the hard work and research you put into it, and it’s reflected in the people who follow and respect you.

This blog over the last four years has been recognized nationally on more than a few occasions and I’m truly proud of that. It’s an honor to have a story with one’s name on it be linked, liked, shared across social media and mentioned by respected news sites.

Every journalist should want that type of exposure, however, what if the motives for your name being highlighted are dubious and the reasons discriminatory? This question has been on my mind since it was brought to my attention that my Twitter handle @iamlibertyspeaks is on a list circulating online.

In case you’re wondering, I’m in the 3rd column towards the bottom and according to the disclaimer one of 124 “notorious accounts“.

As of today there is no proof of where this partial list and the alleged 82 other pages (yet to surface) originated from. I can not confirm its authenticity, nor legitimacy. I reached out to the individual who posted the tweet as to why my handle appears on it and have yet to receive a reply. There are more than a few questions I have regarding this issue. Did it come from someone with in the Twitter ranks or a hack? Is it an accurate list of accounts being targeted or is it just plain made up crap? Either way it’s now floating in the ether of cyberspace[…]

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You can get a clearer view of the list here.  While it makes sense to question the list, speaking for myself, it appears to be authentic.

Why?  Because while I am following most of the people on the above list, it has been weeks since they have shown up in my twitter feed.  Coincidence?

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