My New Political Digital Art Piece: “Make Stalinists Cry”

My New Political Digital Art Piece: “Make Stalinists Cry”

I’m no fan of this type ‘art’ at all.  Message art is beyond ridiculous to me.  However, if you want to ridicule these dumb, leftist bastards, it’s a good thing to make fun of their idiot heroes, (most who were murderous psychopaths).

So, here’s the message:  The Cheshire cat is always grinning mischievously.  He smiles as he scratches 🙂  That’s how you have to play with the Commie Liberals: Be nice, then lower the boom when they least expect it.  When you capture the finesse on how to make a Stalinst cry, the spotlight is on you, people will be drawn to your expertise[…]

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