Hundreds of Thousands of Service Workers Planning Anti-Trump Labor Strike

Hundreds of Thousands of Service Workers Planning Anti-Trump Labor Strike

photo by All-Nite Images, Flickr (cc)
photo by All-Nite Images, Flickr (cc)

Buzzfeed is reporting that 350,000 service workers are plan a huge anti-Trump strike on May 1.  Hey wait a minute, aren’t these the same goons who have been protesting everything down to the color of their underwear for the past eight years on….May 1st?

I suspect that the strike is supposed to intimidate CEOs of corporations that support the President and fellow union members of which there are many who voted for Trump in last year’s presidential election.

As usual, they’re protesting capitalism, the President’s agenda and hate and greed.  Hmm, isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black?

Breitbart News by Katherine Rodriguez

…More than 300,000 food chain workers and 40,000 unionized service workers will walk off the job that day, according to a coalition of groups leading the strike.

Multiple thousands of employees from the Service Employees International Union and United Service Workers West, led by David Huerta, will strike.

“We understand that there’s risk involved in that,” Huerta told BuzzFeed News, “but we’re willing to take that risk in order to be able to move forward in this moment, while the most marginalized are in the crosshairs of this administration.”

A statement announcing the strike says that participants will be rejecting Trump’s policies on immigration and what they say is his “agenda of hate and greed”[…]

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Fire them all.  How say you?

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