Here You Go Libs! Muslim Preacher Explains How European Slaves Will Be Divided

Here You Go Libs! Muslim Preacher Explains How European Slaves Will Be Divided

Please do share this with liberals you know. The religion of peace has a downside. The West are just booty to them.

Many in Europe who care about the sovereignty of their nations are pinning their hopes on Marine LePen who will step down if she loses on the issue of leaving the EU because nothing can be achieved within the “prison of the EU”.

She wants France restored to “full sovereignty”.

The EU is ruled by a conglomeration of unelected bureaucrats in Brussels deciding such mundane things as what kinds of toasters the British can sell. The EU is a failed experiment. LePen envisions a Europe of Nations where individual nations maintain their identity.

On immigration, she said she wants the French to decide who comes into their country. She wants assimilated immigrants and she wants French people to have priority over foreigners with 7 million unemployed[…]

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  • patriotism-matters

    Here we call it an OATH to the US CONSTITUTION. SAME SAME

    In ancient Athens, when young men reached the age of 18, they presented themselves to the Ecclesia. There, during a ceremony, they received their weapons and pledged the vow of Athenian adolescents taking their place among the defenders of Athenian democracy. Here follows said vow:
    “I shall not disgrace the sacred arms, nor shall I abandon my brother-in-arms, with whomever I might stand in line. I shall defend the holy and the sacred, alone and with many others, and I shall not deliver the homeland smaller, but bigger and stronger than I have received it. And I shall obey willingly those who judge each time and I shall participate in political life in accordance with the established institutions and in accordance with those that the people will have elected with joint decision. And if someone shall try to abolish the institutions or to not obey them, I shall not allow it and I shall defend them alone and with many others. And I shall honor the ancestral sanctities.

    • Absolutely wonderful. Thank you for sharing. “Honor,” now that’s a word missing from our lexicon.

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