New York Assemblyman Unveils Bill To Suppress Non-Government-Approved Free Speech

New York Assemblyman Unveils Bill To Suppress Non-Government-Approved Free Speech

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Simply Linda tells me Upstate New York is a wonderful place to live.

Never mind the high taxes and the fascist leadership.

We now have evidence that Adolph Hitler is still alive and reasonably well, living in New York.

But, wait, now they want to take her First Amendment Right of Free Speech from her.

Perhaps she’s ready to move to an equally nutty place, California.

Seriously, the bill contains no exception even for material of genuine historical interest; after all, such speech would have to be removed if it was “no longer material to current public debate.” Nor is there an exception for autobiographic material, whether in a book, on a blog or anywhere else. Nor is there an exception for political figures, prominent business people, and others.

But the deeper problem with the bill is simply that it aims to censor what people say, under a broad, vague test based on what the government thinks the public should or shouldn’t be discussing. It is clearly unconstitutional under current First Amendment law, and I hope First Amendment law will stay that way (no matter what rules other countries might have adopted).

In a bill aimed at securing a “right to be forgotten,” (Source) introduced by Assemblyman David I. Weprin (Source) and (as Senate Bill 4561  (Source) by state Sen. Tony Avella, (Source) liberal New York politicians would require people to remove ‘inaccurate,’ ‘irrelevant,’ ‘inadequate’ or ‘excessive’ statements about others…

  • Within 30 days of a ”request from an individual,”
  • “all search engines and online speakers] shall remove … content about such individual, and links or indexes to any of the same, that is ‘inaccurate’, ‘irrelevant’, ‘inadequate’ or ‘excessive,’ ”

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