Oh My, Drive By Wakes for the Newly-Deceased

Oh My, Drive By Wakes for the Newly-Deceased

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Drive-through wakes have hit the deep south!

They’re accessible and convenient — they’re drive-through wakes for the newly-deceased.

The new and latest excuse for not wasting time showing respect for the dead is that it creeps some people out!

“It helps out those that lack (physical) mobility, those who don’t feel like the hassle of parking cars and getting out or those who are scared to come into a funeral home,” said Bernard. “A lot of funeral homes creep people out.”

What do you think?

The drive-through visitations began in January and are offered at no extra charge. Six families have chosen the option. As easy as ordering Big Macs!

“When we first started it, everybody was talking about it and it was a big deal,” said Ivan Phillips, owner of Paradise Funeral Chapel. “Things have now calmed down, and we use the service two to three times a week”[…]

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