Obamacare, Trumpcare, Medicare and We, the “Entitled”

Obamacare, Trumpcare, Medicare and We, the “Entitled”

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They are talking about repealing the individual mandate. Of course it is unconstitutional to force someone to buy something. Funny thing about that. Many decades before Obamacare, people were forced to buy health insurance. Not only that, they weren’t able to use it until, as in my case, 45 years after they started buying it. It was called “Medicare” – and you know, the Medicare we paid for all these years was only a “catastrophic” plan. Part A.

You can’t even see a Primary Care doctor under the Medicare insurance you paid for all those years unless you start paying premiums for it after you retire. It’s called Part B. And even after paying for your Medicare insurance for 45 years and even after paying your monthly premiums for Part B, usually deducted from your Social Security benefits, (which you also paid taxes on all those years) so you can see a doctor, your Medicare insurance doesn’t pay for all the costs associated with doctor visits and routine diagnostics and procedures and tests, so you have to buy MORE insurance from a private insurer called a Medicare “supplement” plan[…]

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