Hashtag To #BotorNot? Who funded the #CommonCore Project? (It’s not just Gates)

Hashtag To #BotorNot? Who funded the #CommonCore Project? (It’s not just Gates)


Missouri Education Watchdog by Cheri Kiesecker

Parents and grandparents who want only to have a say in their children’s education, to control how their data is collected and profiled, are made fun of yet again by the Gates Foundation and others in edtech.  #Awesome.  You can read all about the Gates, Milken, CPRE funded #CommonCoreProject to shame parents, incorrectly label those who oppose Common Core as extremists HERE.    See the money trail of who funded the project and their associations below.  (Thank you Muckety!)

We also wrote a poem, a sort of Ode to the Bots.   Enjoy.

Now for some fun.

Who funded the #CommonCore project?  and why?  (We think the answers speak for themselves, but you be the judge.)


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