The Deep Do-Do Obama and Company is in.

The Deep Do-Do Obama and Company is in.

Cry and Howl by Steve

This dear friends, is a must read. We know, as it is common knowledge, that Barack Hussein Obama is a liar. That he has used the IRS to harass law-abiding citizens. That he had the NSA spy on and gather information on Americans, the press, reporters and others. We know that he refused to obey and faithfully execute the laws of the United States time and again. We know he by-passed the Congress to shove his agenda down the throats of the American people and in many cases provide aid, comfort and support to the enemies of the United States. We know also that many innocent Americans are dead because of his actions or inaction. President Donald Trump has accused Barack Obama and company of “wire-tapping” his campaign headquarters and leaking sensitive, classified national security secrets to the media to harm Trump’s presidency. Naturally the media is denying all of it for Obama’s sake. James Comey is denying it as he cannot admit the FBI, and the Justice Department broke the law. They have to deny it and make Trump look like he’s accusing Obama of nefarious acts which “is impossible for him to do.”


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