Kellyanne Conway Praised in London Assembly for International Women’s Day

Kellyanne Conway Praised in London Assembly for International Women’s Day

American feminist elites are not going to like London Assembly Member David Kurten’s speech today where he hailed Kellyanne Conway during his International Women’s Day speech.  Kurten also said that those pink p***y hat wearing women are “false stereotype of the great things women are doing”

Breitbart London by Rakeem Hassam

Mr. Kurten — who was elected on a UK Independence Party (UKIP) ticket after first showcasing his abilities here on Breitbart London — used his speech to state:

“Women have made immense strides in politics and in many many areas over the past decade. We now have the second female prime minister of this country, which is a fantastic thing. In America last year we had the first female presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton. She lost the election and Donald Trump won.

“But probably due to the skill and intelligence of the very first female campaign manager of a successful winning president of the United States election, so congratulations to her”[…]

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Thankfully Kurten is not a member of the U. S. House of Representative or Senate otherwise Barack Obama’s civilian force would be staking out his property to burn down his house.

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  • Big Sam

    When someone has moxy, they have the courage to stand alone with their convictions, even when not popular. Kellyanne Conway is there somewhere. That’s why the new Brexit crowd favors Kellyanne.

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