Dalai Lama Is Offensive, Oppressive, Not Inclusive Enough

Dalai Lama Is Offensive, Oppressive, Not Inclusive Enough

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Mao touted ‘diversity and inclusion,’ too: ‘Let a hundred flowers bloom.’

Chinese students denounced the prospective speaker at UC San Diego and even went to the Chinese consulate to find out what they could do to stop the man coming who represented an affront to “diversity and inclusiveness”. A man who was so “offensive” and “oppressive” he had to be stopped — the Dalai Lama.

How fitting the children of Mao would stand in support of “diversity and inclusiveness” as did Mao.

Mao organized the peasants, channeled their protests into violent uprisings and wound up in the propaganda department of the Nationalist Party. He is the man who forced a cultural revolution in China throughout all the stages leading to socialism/communism.

Mao’s Great Proletarian Revolution and education program required beatings and executions but they had to “Fight selfishness, criticize revisionism,” or so the slogan of the times goes.

Ordering the total purge of every physical, emotional, or spiritual aspect of China was key in order to focus the revolution on him and his violent Leninism. He was said to be “illuminating the land with its brilliant rays” during a revolution that ended after fifty years and two million dead[…]

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