Parents Lose Fight to Limit Chicago High School Brainwashing Workshops

Parents Lose Fight to Limit Chicago High School Brainwashing Workshops

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A wealthy, predominantly white school district in Winnetka Illinois will offer Progressive workshops in voter suppression, affordable housing, police brutality, affirmative action, and they even prepared by showing a film by racist Spike Lee. It’s a presentation on the Civil Rights era.

The “Parents of New Trier” group said there is not enough diversity and the seminar day is too politically progressive and left-wing. The group, if you go by the petition they passed out, is made up of 450 parents, but there are  5,000 Progressive parents who disagree with them and signed another petition to keep the workshop as is.

Some parents and conservative groups have deemed the event during Black History Month “radical” and “divisive.”

Speakers include an author who wrote a fictional book about a slave trying to escape slavery. Another author, wrote a graphic novel with Rep. John Lewis on the Civil Rights era. Lewis is a hack.

Other events of the day will include workshops on “Disney and Racial Stereotypes” and “Tracing Food Inequality: Food Deserts in Chicago.”

Dueling petitions circulated and heated emails were exchanged. Hundreds of people packed a school board meeting beyond capacity[…]

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