Twitter Question: Why Should Students Memorize Facts When They’ve Got Google?

Twitter Question: Why Should Students Memorize Facts When They’ve Got Google?

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The question (*posted by a British educational provider) was answered and debated on twitter recently.  Tom Bennett started an interesting twitter conversation on this question.  There were several answers on why education is more than just learning how to use Google ‘facts’, the result of using Google (does it really create ‘critical thinking’ and independent thought) and ‘what’ educational content is acceptable and which is not:

One tweeter offered her blog article explaining why basic knowledge is necessary while performing Google research in Google can help but it needs your knowledge before it can:

The first search result wasn’t what I was looking for. I then clicked the second,”List of South African artists-Wikipedia”. I started scrolling through the list and finally came to letter K and there it was-Ansel Krut. The name was familiar and it began with A! I decided to search for images.


Google did help but only after I used knowledge I had stored in some corner of my brain!

Hirsch is right; Google isn’t an equal opportunity fact finder!

Why should anyone question the wisdom of Google and the algorithms it uses in its results?  Why should parents demand students have knowledge/practice of research from other sources other than the links Google offers?  The question highlights the increased use of digital research required in Common Core aligned curriculum.

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