OCC Walks Back Suspension of Student for Recording Professor’s anti-Trump Rant.

OCC Walks Back Suspension of Student for Recording Professor’s anti-Trump Rant.

Caleb O’Neil, a student at Orange Coast College, recorded an anti-Trump/Pence rant by his Psychology instructor, Olga Perez Stable-Cox which he later posted to his Facebook page.  The video went viral and in response, OCC demanded a letter of apology from O’Neil and threatened him with suspension, among other forms of punishment.

O’Neil stood firm and an organization by the name of Freedom X went to bat for the young man and after meeting between the two factors last week, OCC rescinded decision to punish O’Neil along with the suspension.

Campus Reform by Peter Van Voorhis

…Caleb O’Neil was given a notice of suspension earlier this month for violating a formerly obscure school policy against recording classroom lectures, and was also required to write an apology letter to both the school and Professor Olga Perez Stable-Cox, who has so far faced no disciplinary action.

According to FreedomX, the group defending O’Neil, OCC college administrators met with their attorneys Wednesday evening and decided to revoke O’Neil’s suspension, as well as the other punitive actions against him.

In a press release, FreedomX President and Lead Attorney Bill Becker stated that “[Orange Coast College’s] miscalculation leaves a blemish on its reputation, saying, “We hope that the administration, staff and faculty have learned from the errors made”[…]

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Through it all, the lunatic professor who called President Trump’s victory “an act of terrorism” has not been reprimanded for failing to do her job as OCC has chosen to ignore the fact that her ideological rant has nothing to do with the class she is supposed to be teaching.

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