Left-Wing, Pinko Jews Create Anti Semitism, Not @PewDiePie & Others

Left-Wing, Pinko Jews Create Anti Semitism, Not @PewDiePie & Others

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Left-Wing, Pinko Jews Create Anti Semitism, Not #PewDiePie & Others

So, it is said on the net that a famous Youtuber named “PewDiePie” aka Felix Kjellberg, made ‘anti semitic’ jokes about Jews.  Here is one of the best explanations regarding what occurred:


So…Because of what he allegedly said on Youtube, he has been fired from Disney.  Just what business PewDie has with Disney, I don’t know.    You’ll have to find out yourself because I am going to explain why people hate Jews:

Madeline Albright identifies as a Jew.  This is what Albright (add MANY Left wing Jews) say about Muslim refugees:  Click to read on the “Tablet Mag”

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Aforementioned:   “Welcome the stranger”?   Why is Weinstein pushing her religion on a majority Christian nation?  I thought Left wing Jews do not want to be judged based on their beliefs & religion.   There is nothing in our laws that say:   “Welcome the stranger”[…]

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