Progressives, NeverTrumpers Thrilled over Appointment of Ret. Vice Adm. Robert Harward as NSC Advisor

Progressives, NeverTrumpers Thrilled over Appointment of Ret. Vice Adm. Robert Harward as NSC Advisor


Ret. Vice Adm. Robert Harward Declines Position as Trump’s NSC Advisor

Am I the only one concerned that if NeverTrumpers, Progressives and the GOPe are ecstatic over the appointment of retired Vice Admiral Robert Harward as President Donald Trump’s National Security Advisor, this is not a good sign for our president and for America.

Early on, Harward made it clear that if appointed and confirmed that he would clean house and bring in his own people.  My concern surrounds those in the swamp who see an opportunity to tie up our president over the next four years to guarantee that Trump is a one-term president.

Washington Free Beacon

An ally of potential national security adviser Robert Harward is soliciting resumes from a who’s who of Republican foreign policy insiders and says the retired admiral and former Navy SEAL plans to revamp the White House’s National Security Council following the resignation earlier this week of Michael Flynn, according to an email obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

Mary Beth Long, a former CIA officer and official in the George W. Bush administration, recently emailed a handful of prominent foreign policy leaders in Washington, D.C., to gauge interest in serving under Harward.

Long, who signed a letter critical of Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign but later changed her opinion of the New York real estate developer, said in the email that “Bob Harward is going to ‘start over’ at the NSC in about two weeks.”

Republicans and Democrats alike have championed the selection of Harward, who served on the National Security Council during the George W. Bush administration and is close to Defense Secretary James Mattis. This includes several former Obama administration officials such as Tommy Vietor, who served as the NSC’s spokesman under Obama[…]

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Those brought in under Michael Flynn are right to be concerned. See Foreign Policy’s article:  Harward “plans a housecleaning of Trump’s National Security Council staff.  At the same time, we need the leaks plugged and the culprits held accountable.

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  • patriotism-matters

    Rumor in military circles is big brouhaha about the Admiral wanting to bring in ALL HIS OWN PEOPLE. So he said NO.

    • Thank you for sharing. I’m behind on my posting since I have been away from laptop for two days (grandparent duty). Will post update.

      • patriotism-matters

        Just the fact “you” grandparent gives me hope Mrs.

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