UCF socialist club urges young children to ‘kill Donald Trump’

UCF socialist club urges young children to ‘kill Donald Trump’

It is bad enough that adults engage in these acts but to entice young children to beat the effigies of our President Donald Trump, presidential adviser, Steve Bannon and Attorney General, Jess Sessions sends a dangerous message to young children that if you don’t like someone it is perfectly acceptable to bash their brains in.

Even worse, it is indoctrination.

Campus Reform

The University of Central Florida Knights for Socialism beat effigies of President Trump, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and presidential adviser Steve Bannon at its “Whack-a-Trump” event Friday.

Video footage of the festivities obtained by the East Orlando Post shows students screaming violent profanities and encouraging elementary- and middle school-aged children to join them.

“Punch his ass!” one student screams while another takes a swing at the pinata, eliciting cheers from the crowd with every impact.

At one point, following a number of fruitless efforts to attract participants, a small group of minors walks by the event, and members of the Knights for Socialism blindfold one child. Just before he swings at the pinata, though, a chaperone realizes what is going on and demands that the child take the blindfold off and not participate[…]

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