The Mad Jewess Suspended From Twitter Again.

The Mad Jewess Suspended From Twitter Again.

The Mad Jewess Suspended From Twitter Again.

I’ve been on Twitter since 2009. I have been suspended over and over again.  Locked out, you name it.  About 3 people actually cared about my suspension and even if they did care, Twitter has me on a shadowban & no one can see any of my tweets anyway..I’ve been banned from one blog after the next, left off of blogs, my blog  not linked to other “Conservative” blogs for years.  I am the ‘black sheep’ of the pseudo “Conservative” assholes.

I must be awfully powerful if they shadow-banned me…Of course, Left wing “Jews” can’t have right wing Jews speaking out too loudly.. So, they make sure I am not heard because they are evil.

 A lot of Tweeters are tweeting me the usual nothingness that does not matter in this world.  I can still see Tweets.. Most Conservative Tweeters only care about their celeb status.  I only cared that I was truthful and got in the face of leftists who are destroying the west.  I tried to do this without breaking Commie Twitter’s rules[…]

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EDITOR’S NOTE:  Although no longer on twitter, you can follow the The Mad Jewess on under her handle:  @MadJewessWoman.


Facebook Comments

  • Its SO Rude!!!! Ive changed so much FOR THE BETTER and its never good enough for left wing JERKS

    • Progressives are evil. They have no soul. I had a problem with Facebook. Will do a post in the morning about it. In order for Barack Obama and army to succeed in their agenda to take our president down, people must be silenced. Not happening. They’re hysterical and becoming more so by the day. In so doing, they’re exposing themselves.

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