Ninth Circuit Orders Arizona to Issue Illegals Driver’s Licenses

Ninth Circuit Orders Arizona to Issue Illegals Driver’s Licenses

There goes that damned Ninth Circuit again.  While Progressives and yes, their comrades on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals was usurping presidential authority and rioting, the Ninth Circuit ruled that the state of Arizona must under Barack Obama’s illegal amnesty allow driver’s licenses to illegal aliens.

Conservative Review

…There is no word in the English language to describe this degree of perfidy and hypocrisy…the full court refused to overturn a three-judge panel that forced Arizona to provide DACA recipients with driver’s licenses.

The rationale of the court? Arizona was preempted by federal immigration powers!!!  

“The federal government, not the states, holds exclusive authority concerning direct matters of immigration law,” wrote the radical Judge Harry Pregerson. This opinion to deny the rehearing of the case was joined by 23 of the remaining 28 active judges on the Ninth Circuit … including Judge Michelle Friedland. She wrote the opinion last week saying that states can force the federal government to bring in more immigrants even when the president is acting on iron-clad statutory authority[…]

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