Joy Villa, Andre Soriano talk pro-Trump Grammy’s dress

Joy Villa, Andre Soriano talk pro-Trump Grammy’s dress


Singer Joy Villa, the young woman who donned a pro-Trump dress at the Grammy’s the other night as designed by Andre Soriano, a Filipino immigrant and both of whom love America appeared on Fox News this morning to discuss the events that have unfurled around Villa’s daring move, message “about love” and hopes of bringing a nation closer together.

While those behind this year’s Grammy’s may have been hoping for an anti-Trump performance or statement that would provide good press, instead it was Villa and her pro-Trump dress that blew the lid off taking front stage and center.

Since Sunday night, Villa’s record (can I say “record”) sales have gone through the roof. As of Monday afternoon, Villa’s album was number one at Amazon Music and Apple ITunes.

I am really proud of Villa and Soriano for standing up for what they believe in.

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