Dump Safe Spaces & Intolerance. Return Free Speech to Campuses.

Dump Safe Spaces & Intolerance. Return Free Speech to Campuses.

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Disperse with safe zones and la la lands on college campuses.  They are what has led to the war on free speech and violence across Progressive campuses today.  Make every inch of these bastions of fanaticism, contempt and viciousness against those with opposing views a free speech zone.  As for those who disagree, send them and their fascist tactics packing.

Gatestone Institute

…If a speaker or group is committing or inciting battery, assault or vandalism, the situation should be a police and judicial matter — as well as valid grounds for mandatory expulsion. There is no place for vigilantism by students, faculty or administers on campus to enforce political conformity. There is no place for any kind of intimidation and violence anywhere in the US. We should never let rioters have a hecklers veto over who gets to speak. The following are some ideas to rein in the current terror on campuses:

  • Pass a law that the leaders of protesters will be responsible for — and must pay for — the extra security needed.
  • The people who are causing the problems should be the ones who pay — not only in colleges and universities but in other venues also. If you participate in and/or pay for a group and organize a protest, and if you or your group intentionally commits violence, you and your protestors should be held responsible for the cost of police and other security in the event of physical or personal injury. The protesters (or rioters) will say it is free speech, but when they are trying to shut down someone else’s free speech in a physical way, that is denying someone’s constitutional rights with violence[…]

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