A Note to the GOP: You Ride With Criminals, You Hang With Criminals

A Note to the GOP: You Ride With Criminals, You Hang With Criminals

There’s some talk that many Republicans in both the Senate and the House are getting wobbly about actually ending Obamacare.

Suddenly, it’s “repair”, not “repeal and replace”.

My only question is:

After promising to end Obamacare if we could just gain control of the House in 2010, and then when that came up short, promising to end it if we could only add the Senate, which the People delivered in 2014, and finally, when that wasn’t enough, we delivered an enthusiastic President who wouldn’t veto those GOP promises…

….why did you only figure out this past week that maybe you couldn’t carry out those promises as promised after all?

I won’t ask any more questions and will only make a few very obvious comments:

The People who put Donald Trump into the White House have known from the beginning that many members of the Congress tend to go wobbly when they are told by the Media to be afraid, in this case that some of their constituents may be harmed or inconvenienced by Obamacare’s dismantling.

The People who put Donald Trump into the White House already know the Media lies…regularly…and also knows that some members of Congress have always been easy to bait with fake news anyway, so easy in fact, their credulity may be disguising a deeper hidden agenda, one which involves just a little contempt for the People who put Donald Trump into the White House in the first place.

So, if the truth be known, it has always been known to us that many members of Congress are secretly un-anxious to actually pull the trigger against Obamacare and wander off into that great unknown of a genuine reformation of the American government more in line with the original Constitutional blueprint.

In short, we know the secret supplications of your hearts. We know many in Congress are afraid of that brave old world Donald Trump has suggested we return to, and our discarding the fat and sassy accommodations the People have provided them the past several years.

A little mathematics is in order.

First, the People who put Donald Trump into the White House are unafraid of the Media, or their co-conspirators, the Democrat Party, for we finally found an American “First Politician” who is totally unafraid of either of them.

Donald Trump has totally unmasked them. With regards to both the Democrats and the Media there are no longer any shades of gray. The criminal teat-fittery we have seen in only the first two weeks by the academic class, the entertainment class, and the rent-a-mob class, all to the condonance, even hoorahs, of the Democrats and Media, (with a few exceptions), exposes the breadth of this resistance any return to constitutional normalcy. That gauntlet has been thrown down, even if some Republicans still think this is only political theater.

Even still, many of them had to be paid to show up and break windows, set fires and set upon ordinary citizens with so much as a look of happiness on their faces…”Get him, he’s one of “them”!.  Even voting had to be paid for in many instances.

Only they were not enough, for millions of Democrats jumped ship and came to Trump. And more millions will in the next cycle if he keeps his words…

….no matter what a few wobbly Republicans may do in the coming weeks and months[…]

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