The Hunt for Red RINOs

The Hunt for Red RINOs

It begins.

Democrat Senate Democrats have launched what will be known as its search for Red RINOs to wreck Donald Trump’s promises to the American voters.

(Yes, I know Democrats are blue, not red, but I’m an old Tom Clancy fan, and no fan of the old USSR, so I’ll stick with Red as long as Democrats keep those days fresh in my mind.)

On straight party-line votes, the Democrats can’t stop anything. Their only hope is to peel Republicans away from the President on every policy and piece of legislation, by way of not only creating a legislative front, but also creating in the people’s minds that Trump and his policies are unpopular and failing.

So far, that is not working except in elite-blue urban sectors of America which voted overwhelmingly for Hillary anyway. All the media outrage we are seeing right now is coming from those same places, while Trump immigration actions are actually playing very well in the other 65% of the country. The loud barking of the media are largely being directed at each other, having no effect, or, with a look to 2018, putting any Republican’s congressional job at risk.

To spice the pot, the Democrats are now introducing legislation to reverse Trump’s immigration orders, which almost for sure hasn’t a chance in the House, but which may draw a few Republicans out. Susan Collins would be almost a sure thing any day, and there are several senators who may, on this issue, can be sweated once the CNN-NBC-ABC cameras are turned on them[…]

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