The Fake Women’s March

The Fake Women’s March

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Betty Friedan was the ultimate pussy feminist who wrote “The Feminine Mystique” in 1963 and inspired generations of women to feel victimized by sexist oppression, even though it did not exist. Her famous phrase, “the problem that has no name,” was often quoted to describe the condition of all women in society, even though her primary focus was narrowly directed to college-educated, middle- and upper-class, married, white housewives who were bored with their leisure, their home, children and consumerism, women who were being told that they were not happy and needed more out of life.

“Progressive Dehumanization,” a chapter in Pussy Betty’s delusional book, makes a crazed comparison between the psychological effects of isolation on white housewives and impact of their solitary confinement, to the prisoners in Nazi concentration camps, all while ignoring the plight of non-white women and poor white women, those women who at the time made up a third of the workforce and would have loved to have been leisure-class housewives[…]

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