Thoughts on those pink-hatted marching women

Thoughts on those pink-hatted marching women

Wow! Magazine by Bookworm Room

Hillary’s pink-hatted “nasty women” have had their moment. My leftist friends on Facebook are ecstatic.

Many said of their participation in local marches that they’re “with Hillary.” One used the march to shill for her obsessive claim that Big Oil and Big Tobacco own the federal government. It was they, not Putin, who elected Trump. Another, looking at the undoubted crowds that showed up, opined that this was proof that the vote was hacked. When it comes to basic logic, she doesn’t seem to understand that the same people who show up at these marches are also the same people who actually voted. Yet another spoke approvingly of a march in Oakland. To her, the size of the march and the nature of the signs (see below) meant that Trump will be unable to govern.

All, of course, as their pink-hatted heads attested, were offended that Trump is an old-fashioned guy who is open (and, indeed, vulgar) about his sexual passion for women. I mean, it’s bad enough that he’s unapologetically cis-gendered. It’s worse that he actually talks about sex in a “guy” way.

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Bookworm is a fellow council member and author at Wow! Magazine.  You can avail yourself of Bookworm’s essays at Wow! and at her website, Bookworm Room.


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