Investigate POTUS 44, senior advisors and cabinet member crimes.

Investigate POTUS 44, senior advisors and cabinet member crimes.


Barack Obama, Obama’s administration, including the likes of Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, John Kerry and that racist scum, Harry Reid [in addition to his band of thugs down to state and local offices] have committed crimes against the Republic.

Obama’s legacy ended with a nation traumatized and divided because of his war and unconstitutional acts against Americans from the Operation Fast and Furious, IRS targeting, gun control, the war on gun owners, gun businesses, James Rosen, whistleblowers, Conservatives, Christians and worst of all, humiliation and dismantling of the U. S. military, the Veterans Administration scandal in which our veterans have been refused decent and TIMELY medical services, betrayal of our allies and the Republic and befriending Islamic jihadists.  The list is of crimes is endless.

We, the people, must deserve and accounting and justice justice beginning with a full investigation of everything Barack Obama tainted during his tenure in the White House.

In addition, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has compiled reports of Barack Obama’s “Lawless Abuses of Power” which are posted on his website,

Breitbart News wrote an article earlier this month naming Obama’s “top 18 major” scandals.  Below is an excerpt:

Operation Fast and Furious: Obama partisans seem to think any given example of abuse or ineptitude by their man stopped being a “scandal” the moment it seemed clear he wouldn’t be impeached over it. Operation Fast and Furious, the Obama administration’s insane program to use American gun dealers and straw purchasers to arm Mexican drug lords, is a scandal with a huge body count, prominently including Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agent Jamie Zapata, plus hundreds of Mexican citizens. Agent Terry’s family certainly thinks it qualifies as a scandal.

It is difficult to imagine any Republican administration surviving anything remotely close to Fast and Furious. The media would have dogged a Republican president without respite, especially when it became clear his Attorney General was putting political spin ahead of accountability and the safety of the American people. Remember, AG Eric Holder escaped perjury charges by claiming he didn’t know what his own subordinates were doing – a pioneering, but sadly not unique, example of an Obama official using his or her incompetence as a defense. For years afterward, we would hear some version of “I’m not a crook, I’m just completely inept” everywhere from the Department of Health and Human Services to the Department of Veterans Affairs….

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A petition was posted last evening on the petition site demanding an investigation into the illegal activities of Barack Obama, his senior advisors and cabinet members.  Please share.




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