Entrenched GOPe Show Their Cards – Construct “Border Adjustment Tax” To Oppose Trump’s America-First Agenda…

Entrenched GOPe Show Their Cards – Construct “Border Adjustment Tax” To Oppose Trump’s America-First Agenda…

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Progressives are not the only obstructionists in the House and Senate.  We have NeverTrumpers, the GOP establishment all of whom have more in common than we give them credit to have and that is an agenda to block our president-elect’s agenda. Some will hide behind their race and victim cards, others who we have learned care nothing for the U. S. Constitution will invoke it nevertheless.  The establishment will continue with business as usual.

All the above believe that Donald Trump is a rookie, that his victory was a fluke and that the president-elect like the average voter are to use Jonathan Gruber’s now infamous words are stupid American voters.  All are in for a rude awakening.

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…Again, prior to Donald Trump there was one party in Washington DC, “The UniParty”.  President Donald Trump represented a second party, an independent approach toward legislative and economic priority.  He was not a third choice, he was the second option.

Within the ‘right-side’ of the UniParty you have Republicans.  Within the republican party there are two groups; both intentionally established to present the fallacy of false choice.

“Small government CONservatives”, just like their “big government” GOPe colleagues, begin remarkable advocacy for the consolidation of self-serving power when they are threatened by sunlight.  It is critical for the U.S. electorate to understand this dynamic.

Whenever CTH reveals this political construct, we come under fire from the hidden elements within the UniParty; most generally from the crony-constitutionalist group represented by the advocacy of old talk-radio yellers.

A few days ago we highlighted a maneuver being attempted by the Crony-Constitutionalist group within the DC UniParty.  A specific agenda being put forth by heavily financed operative, Senator Mike Lee. – READ HERE – Today we highlight the economic efforts of the second group which synergizes with Lee’s efforts from the other half of the republican wing of the UniParty[…]

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