Anti-Semite, Samantha Power, Warns Against USA Defunding UN.

Anti-Semite, Samantha Power, Warns Against USA Defunding UN.

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Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

Soon to be former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., anti-Semite Samantha Power sent a message to the incoming Trump administration that cutting U.N. funding is detrimental to American interests.

Power said that doing so would further enable China and Russia while ignoring redlines issued by Barack Obama against Russia that was crossed long ago and Obama did nothing.  Even worse, Power talks of eight years of the USA leading…revisionist history.

Brietbart News-Jerusalem

“We lead the world, in part, by leading at the UN,” said Power, who is stepping down next week after four years as President Barack Obama’s ambassador to the United Nations.

“If we were to tie our hands behind our back or strip this organization of programming” to support peace mediation or humanitarian work, “this would be extremely detrimental to US interests,” she said.

Power spoke after a bill was introduced in the US Senate that would slash all US funding to the United Nations until a Security Council resolution demanding an end to Israeli settlements is repealed….

Much of Power’s parting words were in defense of US engagement at the United Nations, saying that while the “UN system is flawed” with a bloated bureaucracy, there is a need for a global body to pool common efforts.

“The United States needs the UN,” Power said[…]

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Power even suggested that because of Obama’s pro-Israel changes, decreasing the UN’s funding would not be in Israel’s best interest.  Threat?  Spoken like a true Progressive.

Regarding Resolution 2334, i.e., the resolution against Israel, Power in an attempt to justify Israel’s betrayal stated the following:

…there is also a recognition that if things keep going on this in this way, and if the building continues and the incitement continues, and people keep saying the two-state solution is dead, it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. And as a country that is deeply committed to the stability of the region and such a close friend and partner of Israel, to watch that happen and to not be able to understand how this building can continue and Israel can remain at the same time a Jewish state and a democratic state, I think the president felt that it was important to send a signal of just how important this issue and the other issues in the resolution are….

Israel can remain at the same time a Jewish state and a democratic state…”  The b.s. metered is off the charts.

You can view the transcript of Power’s remarks here.


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