U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch admitted the Russians didn’t hack the voting machines or, at least, there was no evidence of it.

On Thursday, she told an audience at a Politico event that US Intelligence found “no evidence of technical interference” [by the Russians] in the voting machines.

If you will remember, this entire conversation of hacking centered on the voting machine “hacks” in two states. Jeh Johnson suggested the Department of Homeland Security would have to take over the elections for security reasons.

The secret assessment by the intelligence agencies was about voting machines. The left has been conflating the voting machines with the DNC/DCCC emails.

“This is an ongoing process,” Lynch said when asked about what the government is doing to maintain confidence in the election process.

She switched gears and began talking vaguely about the emails.

“We’ve been talking about this now for some time since the summer when we began the investigation into the hacks of the DNC and the DCCC and trying to ascertain who was behind that,” she explained. “There’s a number of things we do, a lot of which we talk about publicly, a lot of which we don’t talk about publicly in terms of just investigation and the responses that we have[…]

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