Trump will bring return to rule of law and economic growth | TheHill

Trump will bring return to rule of law and economic growth | TheHill


Hillary Clinton has no respect the rule of law, religious liberty, freedom of speech, etc.  She would further obliterate the Bill of Rights with her appointments to the judiciary reflecting as much.

Not only do we need to stop the bleeding but we must regain the liberties lost since 911.  That alone knocks Clinton out of the running.

TheHill by Victor Williams

…No candidate has given Supreme Court appointments more attention than Donald J. Trump….

Most recently, Donald Trump has begun addressing the importance of appointments to lower federal courts. There are over 100 lower court judgeships that are now vacant with many more empty benches coming in 2017 due to planned retirements. Like Supreme Court justices, all lower federal judges have fulsome powers and are appointed with life tenure of office and salary.

There is no issue that will “bring Republicans home” to Donald Trump quicker than the future of the federal judiciary — writ large. George W. Bush effectively made lower court nominations and Senate confirmations the centerpiece of his 2000 and 2004 campaigns. Trump has only to further emphasize his commitment to lower court constitutionalist judges[…]

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