Putin on EU’s handling of migrant crisis: “A society that can’t defend its children has no tomorrow”

Putin on EU’s handling of migrant crisis: “A society that can’t defend its children has no tomorrow”

Let the world say what it likes about Vladimir Putin but Putin is doing what even the Pope and other world leaders, i.e., to condemn the insanity that has taken hold throughout Europe because of the Muslim invasion.

Theresienbad, Vienna Austria by Thomas Ledl Wikipedia  (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Theresienbad, Vienna Austria by Thomas Ledl Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Case in point, the conviction of a Muslim migrant who raped a 10-year-old Austrian boy in Theresienbad, a public swimming pool was overturned.  The pedophile’s defense was that it was a “sexual emergency,” he did not have sex in four months.

Austria’s Supreme Court ruled that Amir A. age 20, from Iraq, may not have realized that the boy did not want to sexually abused.

Amir followed the child into the showers where he shoved the boy into the toilets and raped him.  Immediately after raping the boy, this pig returned to the pool to practice diving.

Putin is right to condemn the EU’s handling of the Muslim invasion aka migrant crisis.

‘A society that cannot defend its children has no future.’

The children!

The children!


Vladimir Putin has waded into the migrant crisis condemning Europe’s handling of asylum seekers and saying a case of child rape in Austria ‘dilutes national values’.

The Russian president has largely kept quiet over the refugee crisis in Europe but has now spoken out of his disbelief over its handling claiming that a continent that ‘can’t protect its children’ has no future…speaking at a press conference this week, Putin slammed Europe’s migration policy and cited the case, where the victim was from a Serbian family living in Austria.

He said: ‘In a European country, a child is raped by a migrant, and the court releases him.  ‘It doesn’t fit into my head what on earth they’re thinking over there.

‘I can’t even explain the rationale – is it a sense of guilt before the migrants? What’s going on? It’s not clear…’

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What is wrong with the government and judiciary in the EU?  I do not believe that it is a matter of “can’t.”  I suspect that the deliberate dismissal of these acts by the EU elites to be a matter of “won’t,” worst yet, they cannot be bothered.

They have abandoned their citizens, among them the most vulnerable, while they are nestled safely oblivious to the world around them on the other side of their gated pavilions.

H/t Pamela Geller.


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