Stanford “rape victim” should not be a Glamour “Woman Of The Year”

Stanford “rape victim” should not be a Glamour “Woman Of The Year”


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I’m still peeved that Glamour Magazine named Brock Turner’s “rape victim” a Woman Of The Year, which set feminism back at least a hundred years by infantilizing women and insisting that the power in all situations rests solely with men. Thus, Glamour has reinforced the modern “feminist” notion that “Being a woman means never having to take responsibility for your stupidity.”

I put a post up on Facebook page expressing, in milder language, my surprise that a woman who got blind drunk, leaving her vulnerable to the possibility of rape, is a heroine. Two of my Progressive friends earnestly assured me that it was the gal’s “brave” letter that earned her that honor.

With their praise for the victim statement before me, I took the time to re-read that statement — and didn’t change my mind. Indeed, I wrote a long response to put on Facebook. Before I hit the “Enter” key, though, I realized that (a) I would not change anyone’s mind and (b) I would become a pariah in my community were I to go public with my views[…]

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