The Battle of Fort Sumter

The Battle of Fort Sumter


Historical Diaries

The United States was propelled into one of the deadliest conflicts ever to occur on American soil in 1861. This was due to the slowly building hostility between thirty-four states. The feud would ultimately sweep the nation into a civil war, which would end with the United States of America’s success against the Confederate States of America.

The political climate of the nation was far from stable when the country added more territory to the growing U.S. As a result of the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo it continued to expand. Congress heavily debated on whether California, territory gained through the treaty, would enter the Union as a free state or a slaveholding one. They eventually came to a decision that California would become part of the U.S as a free-state. This and other components would be a factor leading to the American Civil War. The southern states were angry. A big issue surrounding this was the rights of each individual state and lack of balance. The southern states saw no way of advancing their way of life and felt the Northern states were playing unfair on the country’s political stage. The fact California was made to be a free state did not help the growing opposition between the North and South. This pivotal moment set off a domino effect. In December of 1860, after Abraham Lincoln had won the election for the presidency, South Carolina voted unanimously to secede from the Union. States such as North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana would also join the secession[…]

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