Huffington Post silences journalist for questioning Hillary’s health

Huffington Post silences journalist for questioning Hillary’s health



Journalists having the audacity to do their jobs are being terminated for questioning Hillary Clinton’s health. It would be extremely wise for former Huffington Post, journalist, David Seaman to watch his back.

The Rebel by Laura Southern

Journalist David Seaman has been terminated from the Huffington Post for the crime of reporting on Hillary Clinton’s health. Two of his articles on the topic were removed from the site last night, and he has yet to be given any explanation for the disappearance.


Seaman explains to me the bias among the mainstream media and his suspicious and concerns regarding Huffington Post’s censorship.

Check out: The Rebel Media.

Below are the videos Seaman refers to. (The first video is pre-Seaman’s termination.)

Is it me or does it appear that the mainstream media fully aware that something is afoot with Hillary Clinton’s health is guilty of a cover-up in collusion with the Crooked One pertaining to not just her failing health but the dispersion of misinformation?


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