Donald Trump just overtook the Democrats on Gay Rights

Donald Trump just overtook the Democrats on Gay Rights

Dr. Rich Swier by Robert Spencer

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Milo Yiannopoulos calls Trump’s plan to introduce a screening process for prospective immigrants to the U.S. brilliant. Milo also does a superb job in candidly explaining how the left does a hatchet job on Trump to try to cover their own ineptitude and treasonous actions against the American people in their endless corruption, and are putting the population at risk before jihadists.

“Donald Trump Just Overtook The Democrats On Gay Rights”, by Milo, Breitbart, August 16, 2016:

“The madman has actually done it. God-Emperor Daddy — known to the rest of you as Republican presidential candidate Donald J Trump — has just outflanked Hillary Clinton on the Left and announced what can only be described as an ultra-progressive immigration policy.

I don’t mean progressive as it has come to be used, of course — nannying, language-policing, Muslim-pandering[…]

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