FTC says changing passwords periodically can do harm.

FTC says changing passwords periodically can do harm.

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The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), on the subject of how often one should change one’s password is now says that the frequent changing of one’s password is counterproductive.

Counterproductive for whom?  Lumping it in with the dumbing down of America, such information coming from a government that spies on its citizens is misguided and cannot be trusted.

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Speaking at PasswordsCon 2016 last week, Federal Trade Commission Chief Technologist Lorrie Cranor spoke about her own surprise when she left Carnegie Mellon University to work at the FTC. Cranor discovered that not only did the agency tell employees to encourage friends and family to change passwords often, she herself now had six new government passwords that she was required to change every 60 days.

Cranor told FTC information and security officers that changing passwords often can lead to weaker security because users make predictable changes hackers can detect with algorithms. Asked for proof of this unexpected assertion, Cranor got it.

In 2010, researchers from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill studied 10,000 expired university accounts for which they were able to trace password history[…]

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