War o Words: Francoise Hollande says that Donald Trump: ‘makes you want to retch’

War o Words: Francoise Hollande says that Donald Trump: ‘makes you want to retch’

I ran across the following article last night and wanted to respond in the worst of ways.

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Apparently Donald Trump’s commentaries on the Islamic terrorists’ attacks going on in France is so offensive to François Hollande including alleged statement of Trump speaking “ill of a soldier, the memory of a soldier.”

I believe the allegation to be the case of a globalist non-leader of this Republic, Barack Obama dispatching anti-Trump talking points to Holland and other national global leaders.

Hollande’s problem, which is all of Europe’s problem, i.e., the invasion of a specific group of Middle Easterners intent on waging their global caliphate across Europe.  Europe’s leaders much like ours has flung out the welcome mat to savages who want only to eliminate the existence of Europeans from the map.

Below is a paragraph or two of the article followed by a few comments beneath the article.

The Locale Fr

US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump makes “you want to retch”, French leader Francois Hollande said on Tuesday, as he added his voice to a barrage of scathing criticism of the White House hopeful.

“His excesses make you want to retch, even in the United States, especially when — as was Donald Trump’s case — he speaks ill of a soldier, of the memory of a soldier,” Hollande told journalists in Paris….


Hollande sounds as if he gets his talking points from Media Matters.

…The Republican campaign to retake the White House is reeling from a series of self-inflicted scandals as Trump has in recent days criticised Muslims, babies, firefighters and the military, prompting his wincing Republican backers to issue awkward denunciations….

What scandals?  Apparently, French newspapers are getting their news from media Matters as well.

Now for the comments beneath the article:

Hollande, you got time to be yapping about Trump, isn’t your calendar full of funerals to attend of French citizens murdered by muslims, you let into your country as part of the globalist twisted wet dream of a multi-culture end of the white European?


Americans giving a lesson to the world : “How to prevent murders” …


What do Americans know about “culture” ?


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