Buck Sexton Blows up at Professor Who Claims ISIS Isn’t ‘Coming After Us’

Buck Sexton Blows up at Professor Who Claims ISIS Isn’t ‘Coming After Us’

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Progressive and Muslim talking points is that the above slaughter which left 84 plus people dead, at least a dozen of whom were children and 100 plus injured, correction MAIMED was committed by right wing Islamaphobes. B.S.!

As the world had not yet come to grips with the last night’s Islamic terrorist attack and loved ones clung to bloody corpses of family members and friends on the beachfront of Nice, France CNN and its liberal apologists were twisting the narrative in an attempt to give Islam, the religion of peace, cover.



FUENTES: “…ISIS, they tell themselves, ‘That’s exactly right. I’m never going to be accepted here, I might as well go and take the trip to Raqqa and join up.’”
LEMON: “Mia, you mentioned that earlier?”
BLOOM: “Yeah. I think that, you know, a lot of it is that as ISIS has become weaker within Mosul and Raqqa and they’ve lost 40 percent of their territory, and they’re actually shooting people who have joined the Islamic state, we’re trying to leave. One of the ways that they try to project power is to have these attacks in the west. And so, it’s a way of giving the impression that they’re still relevant, that they’re still powerful when at a time they’re actually decreasing their ability to control the territory and even on Tuesday when they released their Arabic language, al-Nabat, which is more detailed version of what [indecipherable] is once a month. They said, ‘We might actually lose the caliphate but we still have the affiliates.’ So they themselves are recognizing that they are on the run but this is a way in which they can continue to recruit because as they loose recruits, having an attack like this puts them on the front page, increases, you know, the degree of right-wing politics, Islamophobia. And I do disagree with Mr. Sexton because the fact is, and I’ll say this to you, Buck, directly, the vast majority of ISIS’ victims are Muslims, not us.”
SEXTON: “I’m fully aware of that. I mean no one dispute them.”
BLOOM: “Well, I mean, they are coming after us. They are not coming after us more than they coming after each other.”
SEXTON: “No, I was referring to the Islamic state which very clearly to his external operations arm which has been at worked by the way for a number of years now, along with al-Qaeda in Arabian Peninsula which until recently was considered the most violent and deadly of the Jihadist terrorist organizations or this kind of external plotting. They are continuing to do this. Of course, they’re killing Muslims. They’re killing Muslims in Turkey and Saudi Arabia and Iraq. I’ve actually seen some of the handy work of what they’ve done in places like Iraq and Afghanistan.”
LEMON: “But the people who are doing this — so this is — Hang on, Buck, Buck, the people who are doing it, they could consider themselves Muslims as well and even though the victims are Muslim.”
SEXTON: “I’m not getting into a theological discussion. I’m trying to just focus on the counter-terrorism.”
LEMON: “But, she’s saying — she’s saying that the people who are — it’s premature and against the Muslim but the attackers can be Muslim as well.”
SEXTON: “Right. By I have to say, I don’t understand why that’s being directed to me by no means that I say that wasn’t the case or it wasn’t true so I don’t understand why it’s being directed to me. I’m nearly saying —“
BLOOM: “But you said they’re coming after us.” [crosstalk]
SEXTON: “Yes. They are in fact coming after us. Do I need to seat here and talk but —“
BLOOM: “But they’re mostly going after each other. They’re going after the Shia. They’re going after Turkey.”
SEXTON: “I’m referring to America and Europe and the west —“
BLOOM: “Raqqa.”
SEXTON: “— and all peaceful Muslims and everyone —“
BLOOM: “Bangladesh.”
SEXTON: “— around the world, who doesn’t believe its trapping the suicide vest on because we’re disaffected, because you have some belief that somehow this will take you to a place of paradise and burdens. Whatever the case may be, everybody who isn’t on that team is on my team. This notion you have in your head when I say us, I’m referring to, what, Republican Americans?”
BLOOM: “No, you were saying us as Americans.”
SEXTON: “I was in the [indecipherable] of the CIA. I was working with foreign allies all over the world to try and stop these kinds of attacks. So you’re making an implication as preposterous. And I have to be honest with you, after this sort of an attack happens, there is this knee-jerk reaction that we see from people who are — it’s a leftist center constantly trying to sort of wrap all this around the bad rhetoric of people who want to speak openly and honestly about terrorism. We’re just trying to empower the moderates from Muslim (ph) societies. We’re trying to empower our allies in counties that we do work with the Muslim world and outside the Muslim world to stop people from getting mowed down at a celebration of a national holiday. That’s it.”
BLOOM: “Which include other Muslims.”
SEXTON: “I’ve said that four or five times already.”
LEMON: “OK, we are getting off track here.”
SEXTON: “We are getting off track.”
LEMON: “Thank you.”
SEXTON: “Spurious accusation but thank you.”
LEMON: “Thank you very much. Everybody we need to step back.”


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