“You are at war and your government cannot protect you”

“You are at war and your government cannot protect you”

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The Coach’s Team by Doug Book

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The First Rate patriot’s website Sipsey Street Irregulars posted the following Facebook piece written by Billy Beck. The Coach’s Team brings his brief warning to our readers in its entirety.

Billy Beck

“You are at war, and your government cannot protect you. The enemy is far too committed and nimble for any of the government’s force to turn quickly enough and face any given attack until it’s upon you: right there in the same room with you. You must integrate the fact that if the enemy attacks, then *you* are at the front, and you must learn to act with every possible exploitation of the Western mind, including the indispensable device of firearms for defense against the known tactics of people who you must know may try to kill you and everyone around you, at any moment. You must know this[…]


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