Donald Trump & Lima Beans

Donald Trump & Lima Beans

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An exceptional read and analogy from Liberty Speaks.  Enjoy.

Lady Liberty 1885 by Liberty Speaks

When I was young my Grandmother used an old world expression to get us to eat our vegetables. She’d say “promise to eat your greens”. I’d smile and nod because corn, broccoli, carrots, even spinach was just fine and dandy to my young palette. All my “greens” were consumed with out fuss, or threat of sitting at the table til they were gone, or going hungry at least until I was 6 years old.

Then it all changed.   I hate Lima beans.


I first encountered the legumes after being served Mixed Vegetables for the first time that included corn, green beans, carrots, peas and a food item I’d never seen.   The only description I can use after eating one was it tasted like sand and the tactile experience was equal to munching on grit…basically dirt in a shell.  I knew my only option was to separate the little suckers from my plate, keeping them away from the other veggies[…]


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