National Test Scores Decline in Common Core Era

National Test Scores Decline in Common Core Era

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The word is out. The National Assessment of Educational Progress, NAEP, is a standardized test given to a random sampling of students in 4th, 8th and 12th grades around the country. Known as the Nation’s Report Card, the tests are administered by the federal government and are the largest national sampling of what American students know and can do in reading and math. The test has been given for 23 years though there was a major framework change made in the math test in 2005. In 2015, approximately 13,200 students were assessed in mathematics and 18,700 students in reading.  With everyone being about four years into the implementation of common core curriculum which was built around the supposedly superior set of math and ELA standards that would make all children college and career ready, we would expect to see NAEP scores on the rise. However, the exact opposite is the case and the achievement gap is widening.


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NAEP test scores show decline in both math and reading in 12th grade (though the reading drop is not statistically significant.)  Math scores dropped two whole percentage points from 39% being college ready in 2013 to 37% in 2015[…]


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